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Rose Blossom Back Cover Case for iPhone5

Your iPhone 5 is actually a costly investment along with a sensitive gadget. Therefore, you would like to protect it from punctures properly and securely from most things would hinder its proper functioning. There is not any better and much more suitable protection for ones delicate iPhone5 versus 3D Rose Care Patterns Hard Back Case Cover. This finely patterned and designed case is especially manufactured to fit the iPhone5 perfectly. It’ll deliver higher value versus the money you will pay to receive it.

Case Cover Protector for iPhone 5

Case Cover Protector for iPhone 5

Product Features

The 3D Rose Carve Patterns Hard Back Case Cover Protector has the following features;


This elegant iPhone5 case protector is transportable. Therefore, it could feel as though that you are just holding only your iPhone. Also, the light-weight feature of this stylish 3D iPhone case facilitates portability to your iPhone.

Hard Superior Plastic Design

The 3D Rose Carve Pattern Hard Back Case was created with pressure-resistant plastic-type material. This provides extra protection to the sensitive phone. Although your phone drops or passes through intense use, there would be no scratches or dents onto it. Your iPhone would continue to look new so long as it remains in such a good quality and trendy phone case cover.


Dust accumulation makes a difference to the best functioning of this phone. Use the high quality rose-patterned case protector to shield your iPhone5 from dust, dirt together with other damage-prone particles. This special case for your personal iPhone5 also incorporates anti-collision capacity.

Easy Installation and Removal

It is simple to install and take away this example from the iPhone. The structure really is easy and everyone can easily install and take away it. Also, the case structure enables single handed access to your charging ports, headset port and simply any aspect of the phone you prefer to access.


Case Cover Protector for iPhone 5

Case Cover Protector for iPhone 5

A limited long-lasting cradle compartment has been integrated on the 3D Rose Care Patterns Hard Back Case Cover iPhone 5 to make certain that your iPhone is securely coupled to the case. For that reason, your phone would not slide off from the situation.

The rose-pattern design boosts the superiority and stylishness of your elegant iPhone5 case cover protector. Obviously, such superior phone deserves superior and fashionable case cover protector. This will assist prolong everything of your phone while adding style into the entire outlook. The case will complement even your dressing beautifully since you hold your phone in it.