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Replica Rolex Watches: The Real Scenario

replica ROLEX

Rolex, a famous brand of Swiss wrist watches, has become a status symbol for people and because of this, nowadays, replica accessories of  Rolex watches are often being sold in markets all over the world. Differentiating between an original one and a replica is very difficult because they look almost similar. The materials that are used to make these replicas are very durable. The functioning is also quite similar to the original ones. People buyRolex replica watches because they cannot afford the real one.

Replicas: How Big A Problem Is It?

Customs officials are of the view that a major portion of the fake Rolex seized includes items from the luxury industry. Even after such strong efforts to confiscate fake Rolex, many of them make it through to the market. Luxury Rolex are extremely popular because they are given a lot of publicity. Due to this, people are much more aware about these goods and there is a high demand for them, which results in fake watches being produced.

The replica Rolex watches are a cheap alternative for watches that are totally unaffordable for most people. These watches are for people who cannot afford the real watch and for those who wish to put forward a style statement and show off their status. There are certain streets in places such as New York and Hong Kong known as fake districts, where all kinds of fake items are available.

The Gray Market

Gray market is a term which is often misunderstood by people because they think that this market is one which sells fake Rolex watches. But this is not the case. The watches sold in gray markets are authentic and are sold outside of an authorized dealer. These watches can be used or sold from a dealer who is authorized to another dealer. A warranty will not be available for these Rolex watches, but that does not mean that they are fake.